Steven Hamilton does a fufanu on a fire hydrant in Dayton, Ohio
Steven Hamilton, Ohio, 2013


Craig Passero does a tabletop over a sidewalk spine created by Hurricane Sandy in Queens, New York
Craig Passero, Queens, 2012


Dillon Lloyd with a pegs to tailwhip on his birthday (March 1) in 2015. The clip is in his OSS "ON EVERYTHING" section.
Dillon Lloyd, Fullerton, 2015


Alex Duleba wallrides a moving bus in Downtown Los Angeles
Alex Duleba, Los Angeles, 2016


Russ Barone gaps from the quickcrete launch to ride on a conduit pipe in Queens, New York
Russ Barone, Queens, 2012


Mike Mastroni, Brooklyn, 2010


Chase Dehart, Baltimore, 2007


Mike Hoder does a massive railhop in Bronx, New York
Hoder, Bronx, 2013


Scotty Wemmer does a nose manual across the ledge out of the cellar door
Scotty Wemmer, Brooklyn, 2012


Nick "C-Beef" Steben does a one-handed lawnmower on Ben Hittle's ramp in Baltimore
C-Beef, Baltimore, 2007


Brett Silva does a one-handed x-up over a gate in his hometown of Sandwich, MA
Brett Silva, Cape Cod, 2013


Steve "SteveO" Croteau does a downside whip at the Cheese Wedges in NYC
SteveO, NYC, 2007


Hobie Doan with an icepick across and down a rail in Southern California
Hobie Doan, California, 2016


Jake Seeley does a footjam tailwhip at the China Banks in NYC. Shot with a Mamiya 7 rangefinder
Jake Seeley, NYC, 2006


Ted Olmstead does a fastplant on the roof of a decimated house in Staten Island in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy
Ted Olmstead, Staten Island, 2012


Ryan Herbach, icepick stall on a backyard ramp in Sarasota, FL
Ryan Herbach, Florida, 2003


Joby Suender does an x-up grind down a rail in Philadelphia while shooting for our "Rollin' with Chocolate Truck" article for RideBMX
Joby Suender, Philly, 2014


Steven Hamilton jumps a driveway gap in Columbus, Ohio
Steven Hamilton, Columbus, 2017